Less Wrong - A Human's Guide to Words Read by professional voice actors, delivered as a podcast

A series on the use and abuse of words; why you can’t define a word any way you like; how human brains seem to process definitions. First introduces the Mind projection fallacy and the concept of how an algorithm feels from inside, which makes it a basic intro to key elements of the LW zeitgeist.

This Channel Includes:

  • 27 articles written by Eliezer Yudkowsky
  • 3.4 hours of audio narrated by George Thomas

Note: Due to its abundant use of math, this package excludes the article Conditional Independence and Naive Bayes.

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Included articles

  1. The Parable of the Dagger
  2. The Parable of Hemlock
  3. Words as Hidden Inferences
  4. Similarity Clusters
  5. Extensions and Intensions
  6. Typicality and Asymmetrical Similarity
  7. The Cluster Structure of Thingspace
  8. Disguised Queries
  9. Neural Categories
  10. How An Algorithm Feels From Inside
  11. Disputing Definitions
  12. Feel the Meaning
  13. Empty Labels
  14. The Argument from Common Usage
  15. Taboo Your Words
  16. Categorizing Has Consequences
  17. Sneaking in Connotations
  18. Fallacies of Compression
  19. Replace the Symbol with the Substance
  20. Where to Draw the Boundary?
  21. Entropy, and Short Codes
  22. Arguing "By Definition"
  23. Conditional Independence, and Naive Bayes
  24. Mutual Information, and Density in Thingspace
  25. Words as Mental Paintbrush Handles
  26. Variable Question Fallacies
  27. Superexponential Conceptspace, and Simple Words

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The Parable of the Dagger