Gabriel Weinberg - Starting Up in Startups Read by professional voice actors, delivered as a podcast

Are you just starting out in startups? Or maybe you’re onto a subsequent venture and want to avoid some of your previous mistakes. In this package of blog posts, Gabriel Weinberg, angel investor and founder of multiple startups, writes about common mistakes founders make (and how to avoid them) and shares other wisdom he’s gathered along the way.

This channel includes:

  • 11 articles from Gabriel Weinberg’s blog
  • approximately 50 minutes of audio read by George Thomas
  • free updates to audio content

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Included articles

  1. Just starting out in startups? Here's some advice.
  2. Are you in a startup career path or are you one and done?
  3. Wannabe entrepreneur symptoms and cures
  4. First-timer entrepreneur symptoms and cures
  5. Will single founders please stand up?
  6. Paths to $5M for a startup founder
  7. Are you chasing a fad or a market?
  8. Are you an indie, angel or venture company?
  9. Why you should choose an ambitious startup idea
  10. Avoid entrepreneur mistakes with good mentors
  11. How-to get that guy as your mentor

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Just starting out in startups? Here's some advice.